This Is How Each Social Media Platform Impacted My Life

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

The way I use social media has completely changed since January 2016 when I decided to create a Youtube channel. I started my channel to create lifestyle and comedy sketches because I thought I can make someone laugh. That year was a gamechanger for me. I gained the courage to put myself out on the internet for people who are not my family and friends.





Tik Tok


Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are the social media platforms that I give the least amount of attention too. I use Snapchat for random photos to send to friends — I haven’t used Linkedin for a while because I’ve been working for the Walt Disney Company for the past 3 years and I’ve been doing a lot of internal networking — and I only go on Pinterest once in a blue moon to look at food recipes.

To wrap up… I prefer using social media for growing my brand than for personal use because I value-creating quality content to inspire and impact others than making as many friends as I can.

I asked my followers in the past on my Instagram stories on how they see me on Instagram and a lot of them told me that they think of Disney, mental health awareness, and purple (because of my purple wig).